Austin Chamber of Commerce
Californian's Guide to Austin
What do Californian's think about moving to Texas? This direct mail piece targeted L.A. site selectors considering moving their business to good ole' Austin, Texas.
"The Californian's Guide to Austin, Texas" was a set of ten letterpressed cards mailed inside a hinged tin box.
The front of each card presented a common stereotype of living or working in Texas. "Can the workforce do more than herd cattle?" or "Will we have to share a building with J.R. Ewing?"
Kitschy illustrations and vintage typography poked fun at the old-school way of thinking about Texas.
The back of each card presented the facts about Austin and its unique mix of benefits.
The cards were printed by hand on heavy card stock using a traditional letterpress process to give them a high-end, boutique-like look and feel.