nFusion Holiday Campaign
The Ultimate Naughty List
This online holiday campaign for nFusion ran during December 2009. User's were encouraged to write anonymous posts of their naughtiest deeds of the past year, read about other's misdeeds and vote on how the entire list would ultimately be destroyed.
A large sculpture of "2009" was updated daily with posts from the site printed on red squares of paper. The sculpture dynamically updated through out the month of December until it was covered in naughty deeds.
Users could sort posts by "Most Naughty" and "Most Boring", rank posts and share the site via Facebook and Twitter.
Starting on January 1, 2010 the the naughty list disappeared and site content was replaced with the results of the voting and a video of the "2009" sculpture being destroyed by an array of firearms.
Adios 2009! This was the first video shoot I've been a part of with actual mortal danger. See the full site here.