Bacardi Silver
Join the Silveratti
This website concept allowed the largely female Bacardi Silver drinkers to embrace their inner celebrity. By joining the Bacardi Silver Silveratti, users could get the latest fashion tips, check on their favorite celebs in the Paparazzi photo gallery, and even use their Silveratti card for V.I.P. treatment at events.
Silveratti members could also take their obsession on the road with the Hollywood Trail mobile game.
Players select their posse and head off for the Hollywood party of the year in this glamourous parody of the popular 80's game,Oregon Trail. Dodge the paparazzi, avoid botox mishaps, and maintain your cash while working to deliver your crew to the party with maximum star power.
The game design blends the glitz of modern Hollywood with the lo-fi, 8-bit graphics of the original 80's computer game.